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Gocek is hugely influenced by sailing and has evolved from a very simple town to one of the more sophisticated marinas on the Turkish Coast. A wide range of yachtsmen visit Gocek yearly whose boats range from simple sailboats to extravagant motor yachts.
Over the years tourists from different parts of the world have come to visit Gocek, appreciating its wonderful location and beautiful nature.
The beautiful bay and its region has become one of the most popular holiday regions.




/// History of GOCEK

The current situation of Gocek which is formerly a village, become a townships with its new harbors that are restored in order to provide all needs of yachtsmen. As a result of aim of ensuring world standards, it is possible to find some main foreign newspapers, books and similar publications. To enter Gocek harbor at any time in morning or in evening is safe. Also, Gocek Culture and Tourism Centre personnel officiate for protecting the virginity of the bays in the long term. The region has been taken under protection from the third level with the 1988 environment protection law. It is understood from examination made on breakwater around the Gocek Forest Exploitation Management and oleftovers remained from the structures that Gocek was Kalimche in the past.


As it can be understood from the stone caves in the Fethiye Highway, here was grave of the city. Stone graves are seen on the mount running during the high way.

In recent years Gocek has become a famous place whose importance increase day by day for nature addict and yachtsmen. Gocek bays are among rare places in the world with their a range of yachts from small ones to the latest designs. In addition, Gocek is the best place of the world with respect to first opening place to the sea rather than being point of view with effects of wind, sea and air temperature.






Göcek TravelThe first thing made in Gocek should be attended yacht tours to see island around and wonderful bays. Do not forget your camera in order to take photos from twelve islands. (oniki ada). Do not omit to see Atbükü, Siralibük, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Sarsala, Manastır, Cleopatra Bath, ve Göbün bay. Domuz island, Yassıcalar, Tersane island are among the places that should be seen.

Kaunos and Telmessos antique cities are so close to Gocek... if you are interested in history, reserve some times of your holiday to see these places.

Beside, enjoy the clean and blue sea. There is no proper beach in Gocek for swimming, but you can reach virgin beaches after moving a few kilometers from Gocek.



Göcek koylarıYou will not overlook stone graves belonging to Likya terms while you touring the Gocek bays. Gobun is a placid bay when tour yachts left it. A facility exists here, too. Formerly there were many pigs in the Domuz Island. The biggest island of the sea inlet is Tersane island. Leftovers from Greek layout left with the population exchange can be seen in the island. Also, there are leftovers of shipyard and watchtower. There is also a restaurant here. There are leftovers of Byzantium monastery whose one part remained under water in the Cleopatra Bath filled by yachts next to the wharf. There is no facility in these seven islands which is called Yassıca Island or Yassıcalar. Here is preferred mainly by families, because there is beach, natural and shallow pool. The unique sand beach of the locale exists here. It is possible to view moonlight in YassıcalarGöcek.

Gocek island which is just 10 minutes far from Gocek is the choice of ones wanting to make yacht tours since it is the closest beach to Gocek. Yachts ferry the passengers from the early times of the morning
Göcek Tatiluntil evening. There is a facility in the island. It is possible to camp under tress, to rest in placid corners and to read for long hours.
Boynuzbuku bay is covered with sweet gums that grows only in the region from Koycegiz to Fethiye and whose resin is used in treatment of several illnesses. There is a facility here supplying fresh water, selling new bread and giving restaurant services. It is possible to go Kile bay with car whose beach is pebbly. The dirt road turning left from the 13. kilometer of Gocek-Dalaman road reaches the Kile bay.
Famous Bedri Rahmi (Taşkaya) bay taking its name from the Picture drawn on a Stone in the bay by Poet Rahmi Eyüboğlu when he made a sea trip. Also, it is one of the most popular stops of the locale since it is close to Gocek. Guest wanting to have dinner in this bay should rent yachts for transportation from Gocek beach to the Gocek island.

Sarsala is one of the bays that have access overland. After passing Dalaman Centre, you should move 12 kilometers after turning from Kapıkargın village signboard. This road taking 20 or 25 minutes, has impressive views. It is possible to reach Küçük Sarsala bay only with yacht. There is no beach here. However, there is a wharf from which you can swim and a restaurant giving service until late hours.





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